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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Expensive except for those who have the bread. What bothers me is the horizontal D'Appolito center of this speaker. I wish that part of the speaker was mounted vertically(W-M-T-M-W) Although I was never able to do a speaker experiment of the kind, it was my opinion that the ideal center channel speaker would be one like the Snell with a complete vertical mount. I have seen some main left and right horizontally standing speakers built that way(W-M-T-M-W) but personally I am not a lover of the D'Appolito design in any form as horizontal main speakers, but as a center channel vertical design, the D'Appolito is made to order in the handling of dialogue and center channel audio material. At this time however, I have only played with the W-T-W versions. However, it should be noted that there are two types of these speakers out there. One is a system with two woofers of either 16 or 12 ohms wired in parallel or two-4ohm speakers wired in series. Unfortunately, when you buy center channel speakers, you do not know what wired version you are getting. I have experimented with both forms and believe me, you want the former and not the latter.

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