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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The AR turntable was a cheap transcription table that gave great sound because it had a very strong base. The headshell was flimsy so care had to be exercised mounting the cartridge.
The only qualm I had with the Dynaco Pat 4 was that the same units from the company could sound very different. When one worked right, you had the finest solid state sound quality to push their power amps. It had a loudness control which I liked. The most signficant circuit was the phono circuit that could take out wow and rumble while leaving the soundstage intact with proper bass. I know of no other pre-amp,amp that could do this. There was extra circuitry built onto the phono section to do this.
The stereo 120 Dynaco power amp was a ferocious sound producer. My brother had them on ess heil air motion speakers with the pat 4. While Dynaco solid state sound sounded very "solid state" there was no question to its rigourous control of music notes or perhaps a stupendous square wave response.
The Empire Commode speakers were my favorites of the 1960s. They were wonderful on good tube equipment.
Nad 7100 receiver was IMHO about the best they ever made. It has marvelous sound quality. One model did come with a remote.
The Nad 7240 Pe was one of the worst sounding receivers Nad made. It was a 3240 PE amp with a Nad tuner on one chassis.
NHT super two towers was the best speaker I had seen since the Empire's that I dicussed earlier. The unit had a TOW 6 l/2 inch woofer and a tweeter. It had a downfiring 6l/2 inch subwoofer. The best tower with a small footprint I ever heard.
The Sansui QX 4500 quad receiver was a mixed bag. It sounded terrible on my Marantz Imperial 6g speakers but played great on some 3 way 12 inch fishers.
The problem with the unit was to get to hear 4 channel sound with SQ records. The fault was not the reciever but the advocation of same size speakers in the rear channels. If one used smaller bookshelf speakers, I think this unit and all the others would have worked fairly well, though IMHO the Dynaquad system could give rear separation in the surrounds.

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